The Person Who Created Iodine Aqua
Based on centuries old tradition, the present day Iodine Aqua has been created by late dr Istvan Puskas (pharmacist, chemical engineer, and patent attorney). A person devoted to sciences and also with decades of board level experience in leading, multinational pharmaceutical firms.

Research Background
Dr Puskas realized the importance of Iodine in our diet, and recognized the great value of the Iodine water. He researched and collected all the available information on this 400 year old well, and collated and reevaluated 50 years of research from a strict, professional perspective in cooperation with relevant authorities, institutions and professional bodies.

Dr Puskas requested several other researchers, professors of the field to undertake further tests, trials and investigations in Hungary on Iodine Aqua in accordance with the most up-to-date EU regulations and codes, which all concluded with the unique and outstanding value of the water.

As one of the results today Iodine Aqua well is recognized as a 'Nogradikum', part of the Hungarian National treasures.

A Unique Iodine Supplement; Hydro-Geological Studies
Hydro-geological surveys are proving that Iodine Aqua which comes to the surface from a depth of 533 m, is of fossil origin. It is the residue of an ancient sea from the Oligocene earth period. This hydro-geological formation was approximately 20-25 million years ago. The traces of the shell fish and other sea creatures left from this ancient sea are providing the extremely high iodine concentration of Iodine Aqua.

Due to the 533 m depth Iodine Aqua is not impacted by the mineral depletion of the soil or environmental pollution.