Iodine Aqua is a 100% natural very high iodine content water found from a depth of 533 metres below the ground, from an Oligocene sea residue. It is bottled at source and contains no additives or preservatives, and has not undergone any treatment - either chemical or microbiological - only what "Mother Nature" provides.

The unique composition and extreme high iodine content of Iodine Aqua means, that only a tiny daily dose (1.5 to 2ml) is enough to provide the daily recommended human iodine intake.

In addition, Iodine Aqua contains other micro- and macro elements. These elements together have a complex synergic effect promoting higher effectuation.

Iodine Aqua can be bought in 200 ml quantity bottles. The 200 ml size bottles provide 3 to 6 months iodine supply for one person.

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