About Us

astute The Iodine Aqua philosophy is very simple:
“Provide what Mother Nature provides.
No additives.
No preservatives.
No chemical or microbiological treatments.
Provide 100% natural liquid iodine.”

The producer of Iodine Aqua liquid food supplement is Iodine Aqua Ltd.

We can be contacted at the following email address: mail@iodineaqua.com
Please visit us at www.iodineaqua.com

Our Story
Iodine Aqua comes from Soshartyan, a small village set in the beautiful Western Carpathian Mountains. In fact the village name was changed from Hartyan to Soshartyan (salty Hartyan) in the 16th century, when the salty iodine well was first discovered. The iodine water motif can be found in the municipality's coat of arms.


The well was first mentioned in written sources in 1710. In 1786 Johann Matthias Korabinsky mentioned, that instead of salt, people were putting Iodine Aqua into their dough for bread making (Geographisch – historisches und Produkten Lexikon von Ungarn, Pressburg 1786)

Cattle, which drank Iodine Aqua, seemingly became bigger, stronger, and healthier, so people in the region brought their animals to drink what soon became called "Mother Nature's Gift".